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Louis Vuitton Belts Lattice Cowhide


The small master recommends that the physical shooting, Louis Vuitton automatically buckle the belt, custom cowhide, the imported leather of the lattice head layer with small fine lines, cable production.Top quality business formal dress, automatic sliding rail feels soft, LV automatic refinement

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Belt Size Chart
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🩳🩳🩳 🩳🩳🩳 🩳🩳🩳 [🩳🩳🩳 🩳🩳🩳 🩳🩳🩳 🩳🩳🩳 physical shooting, Louis Vuitton automatically buckle belt, custom cowhide, grid head layer imported leather with small fine lines cowhide, cable production.The top quality business format, the automatic sliding track feels soft, LV automatic stainless steel is wearing hardware, a width of 3.5 cm.The official website is on sale, the top quality supports the inspection, the quality is as shown in the figure.

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